Our Greek Easter

Monday, April 16, 2018

Christos Anesti!

Christ is Risen
My family is Greek if you did not know! So our Hudson and Heart Family celebrate Easter on the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian calendar. It is usually after Western Easter. My grandkids love it, because the Easter bunny comes twice! And for a YiaYia it is awesome, because I get to buy all of the Easter treats after Easter, which means half off for me! I go a little overboard, because of the deals I get. Such as the picture below!
It is a time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! We have our family over for much love and of course food! And to start off the fun we have a traditional Easter egg hunt.
Most Greeks serve up lamb on Easter. We did it Oklahoma stye with a southern spin on it this year. We decided to grill outside and one of the most requested sides is my foil potatoes. They are super yummy!
My Love Hate Potatoes Ok how can you love and hate potatoes at the same time. My hate, is how long it takes. My love is that I can make them a day ahead of time and the are the yummiest potatoes you will ever eat! Ingredients 5 lbs of red potatoes 3 onions (white or red) chopped 1/2 package of bacon 1 to 2 jalapeƱos cleaned and chopped keep 2 seeds or more depending on how much heat you want. 1 bell pepper chopped 5 cloves of garlic Do not mince Pam Butter Flavor Non stick foil 1-2 tablespoons McCormicks Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning Salt and Pepper Directions Cook bacon in a skillet and set to the side on paper towels and crumble. Once cooled dispose of the grease, but do not wash the residue off of the pan. Place the onions, bacon, jalapeƱos, bell pepper, garlic and Steak seasoning in the pan. Bake until translucent. Set to the side. Peel your potatoes. You can keep a bit of the peel on. Cut into cubes. Mix with the above ingredients. Spray your foil with the Pam and then add single servings of the mixture onto the foil. Salt and Pepper to taste. Wrap the foil around the potatoes. Grill on the top rack for up to 45 min.s You might want to start checking after 30 min.s to see if they are done. After we eat we play a family game. It is the Greek Egg Tapping game! You dye all of the hard boiled eggs red ~ they are supposed to represent the blood of Christ. The Cracking of the egg symbolizes his resurrection from the dead. Everyone chooses an egg and they hit the tip of their opponent’s egg. If your egg breaks, you are out. The one with his or her egg left unbroken is the winner and is said to have good luck the rest of the year!
The rest of the time is about family being together and enjoying each others company!

So if you celebrate Western Easter or Greek Easter, we hope that it was filled with family, love, fun and great FOOD!

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